The halfway mark: the ultimate meal prep & a visit from Trevor Noah!

So at the halfway mark (Days 15-17), I got two things currently on my mind: 1) I finally past the halfway mark of my 30 days; and 2) I gotta look fit for Thursday's segment on Houston Life (Channel 2 KPRC!)


JoBurger, no bun on lettuce with cauliflower rice. $12

Fish & Chips. $12


Chicken tenders with cucumber salad. $12

Peri Peri quarter chicken with cauliflower rice/mushrooms. $9


"The Blitz" quarter chicken with cauliflower rice/mushrooms. $9

"Green Mamba" quarter chicken with cauliflower rice/mushrooms. $9

This past week was really productive in terms of getting my weight where I need it to be before my segment on Houston Life on Thursday, June 27. My goal is to be at 165 (10 pound loss) by the 21st day. While my birthday dinner and father’s day kind of threw me off track, eating foods outside of PPK and delaying my 30 days a bit definitely proves my point even further that eating at PPK is perfect to fit into a healthy lifestyle.

Think about it. If I ate PPK for 30 days straight, I would probably lose 15 pounds easy at the rate I am going. By throwing in crawfish, chinese food, birthday cake and beer, I basically went backwards for a few days and added a couple of pounds after 1/3 through my 30 days. If I can still lose 10-12 pounds after my 30 days, I hope that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that this PPK diet is effective for weight loss.

Friday lunch was fun because I got to reconnect with Ryan Ray who runs an amazing Instagram page under @datfoodporn. He specializes in color contrast photos which results in a ton of crazy incredible food pics. Check out his page and look forward to some peri peri chicken on his Instagram page soon!

This weekend I had to eat lean and prepare myself for my TV segment. After all, TV adds 10 pounds right?So I decided to create the ultimate meal prep: 3 orders of peri peri quarter chicken with cauliflower rice and mushrooms. If i had to eat the same thing 3 times over the weekend, it needs to have some FLAVOR! Each quarter chicken would have a different peri peri flavor (peri peri, the Blitz and green mamba). Peri Peri is our base hot sauce while the “Blitz” is the hottest and my current fave. Make-you-sweat hot but not burn-your-mouth hot. I saved time by picking up 3 meals at once, but in a decently small container to fit into our fridge. Having them in an aluminum pan also kept the food quite fresh. Absolutely no quality issues even the day after. After my 30 days, will work on a meal prep menu for the public to make it easier for everyone to follow my plan or create their own healthy weight loss plan eating low carb meals. Everyone thinks meal prepping at home is so easy, but man its fucking time-consuming. Or maybe I am just lazy haha.

Saturday night, we also got a surprise at Peli Peli Kitchen: Trevor F’n Noah showed up at PPK! I tried my ass off trying to reach his people and a friend did send our info to their reps, but we never received an official confirmation. Regardless, he ended up showing up at PPK to grab a bite before his performance at Cynthia Woods in the Woodlands and LOVED it! His group ordered a bunch of items and really seemed to enjoy themselves. Ryan Stewart, our culinary director and creator of the new menu at PPK, was so nervous but was able to chat with Trevor and take a photo with him. Trevor also took some time to take pics with the customers there too. So cool of him!

Check out the article the Houston Chronicle ran on Trevor’s visit to Peli Peli Kitchen!

Wish me luck on the second half of my 30 days. Hoping to be 165 by Thursday and have an outside shot of 160 by July 6, the last day of my 30 days. I take my “after” pics on July 6 and after that, I am going to straight to Blood Bros or Krispy Kreme or both!