I ate my my own restaurant for 30 days - this is what happened to me!

I ate at my own restaurant, Peli Peli Kitchen, for 30 days to show how our food can fit into any healthy diet.

30 days and 12 pounds later, I have to say the experiment was a success!

Whatever your diet is to lose weight and get healthier, whether its keto, low carb, vegan or vegetarian, PPK is the perfect place! There aren't many places to get a protein and a veggie quickly without sacrificing flavor. While this 30 day challenge was a fun way to prove a point, I've been eating PPK pretty much everyday for years now.

Thanks @bjjxchou for turning me onto intermittent fasting and changing my life! Its the closest thing to a fountain of youth!

Thanks also to @filnenna for these amazing "after" pics.

I am working on my complete synopsis of my entire experience and will include my 30 day meal plan as well.

Thank you everyone for following along with my journey. It was a blast (mostly) and really happy I ended up with the results that I had in mind. I definitely want to help others too, so hit me up with any questions or comments below!