Day 8 & 9 of my 30 Days of PPK!

Monday lunch: Chicken tenders with collard greens and sauteed mushrooms. $12
Monday dinner: Beef fajita plate with sauteed mushrooms and mac n' cheese. $13

Tuesday lunch: Peri Peri Cornish Hen with veggie noodles. $15
Tuesday dinner: Curry chicken with sauteed mushrooms and cucumber salad. $12

Monday, June 10 starting weight: 170.4

Thank you to everyone for your support so far! It has been really fun reconnecting with friends during my daily PPK lunches!

Last week and this week I am focusing on the lower carb meals to make sure I am on a path to success and my goal weight of 165 by July 5 (end of my 30 days).

It is becoming easier to forget about snacking at night and I think my body has adjusted to a strict intermittent fasting schedule (eating only between 12-9pm).

One of the questions I have received has been: Do you eat all of your meals? Great question! I have been consuming about 80-95% of my meals depending on how full I feel. Since I only get two meals a day, I still have to make sure I feel full the entire day or it won't be sustainable.

Later today I am posting a Q&A from Dr. Brian Chou regarding Intermittent Fasting. He turned me on to this two years ago, and it has basically been a fountain of youth for me and helped me regulate both my weight and my sugar level/A1C. Will post later today so stay tuned!