Days 19-26: How much weight did I lose after 21 days?

Sorry everyone, this past weekend has been jammed pack with work, media, family & friends! Life right? Plus having to eat PPK every day with an expectation to lose weight. Makes me wanna stress eat haha!

Leading up to my segment on Houston Life, I had two concerns: 1) how the hell am I not going to look like an idiot cooking on live TV; and 2) I will look like an ass if I get on the show and everyone sees that I GAINED weight after 21 days!

While I have received a ton of support for my 30 days, there are a handful of naysayers who refuse to believe that I could eat at PPK for 30 days and actually lose weight. And I don’t blame them at all. After all, no one has really ever tried this before (except Jared) and PPK food is packed full of flavors. No way our food can be healthy right? Exactly what I want to prove with this challenge, but of course you never know what will happen. While I am eating everything on our menu at least once, if you haven’t noticed, the bulk of my sides involve cauliflower rice and that’s absolutely intentional. My idea of a lifestyle diet, that is a diet that you can incorporate into a lifestyle as opposed to a temporary “diet”, has to be sustainable. In my opinion, the best way to have a balanced meal that can fit into someone’s lifestyle involves a protein and veggies. It may not be totally keto-friendly all of the time, but certainly lower carb.

For my segment on Houston Life, I demonstrated how you can easily prepare our style of cauliflower rice at home. Note: I am a terrible cook, and I was able to make this at home, so you will be good to go. Plus anything is better with butter, garlic and cream right?

I have one more week left of my 30 days and to be honest, I am ready for it to be over. While I will always be intermittent fasting and eating lower carb foods, I miss my Krispy Kreme and snacktime haha!

If you haven’t watched the segment, check it out below.

Meal plan for Days 19-26:

Day 19: JoBurger No Bun with veggie noodles ($12), Curry Chicken with cauliflower rice ($12)

Day 20: Great Karoo lamb chops with sauteed spinach ($19 at Peli Peli), Cucumber salad with mushrooms $9)

Day 21: Curry Chicken with cauliflower rice/veg noodles ($12, dinner will be made up on July 6)

Day 22: Great Karoo lamb chops with sauteed spinach ($19 at Peli Peli), Crispy peri chicken sandwich and fries ($12)

Day 23: Blitz wings and mushrooms ($15), Cornish hen and fries ($15)

Day 24: JoBurger & fries ($12), Cornish hen with mushrooms ($15)

Day 25 JoBurger & fries ($12), Fish & Chips ($12)

Day 26: Boneless Blitz thigh with cauliflower rice & mushrooms ($12), Chicken fajita plate with cauliflower ($12)