How did Father's Day and my birthday affect my 30 days of PPK? (Days 11 & 12)

Weekend recap: How did Father's Day and my birthday affect my 30 days of PPK?

Interrupting my 30 days was going to be difficult because I had done so well so far during the first 10 days and ended up losing 5 pounds. Would eating dinner at Nancy's Hustle and Pepper Twins City Center throw me off my PPK diet?

Day 11 & 12 actually helped me balance my weight this weekend despite devouring nancy cakes and sichuan crawfish over the holiday weekend. BTW, I am 43! :)

Day 11: JoBurger on lettuce with mac n' cheese. $12
Day 11: Cornish hen with sweet potato fries. $15

Day 12: JoBurger (regular with bun) and sweet potato fries. $12
Day 12: leftover curry chicken with mushrooms and coconut rice. $12

The best part of having at least one of your meals no or lower carb is that you can kind of splurge for dinner and not completely destroy your diet.

For my birthday, I got to try out Nancy's Hustle, probably one of the hottest restaurants in Houston. Had a great time with the Mrs and got to try the Nancy Cakes finally! Worth the wait.

For Father's Day, we enjoyed sichuan crawfish and sichuan fried chitlins from one of my favorite Chinese places: Pepper Twins. Even got a piece of Boston Cream Pie for my birthday dessert (thanks Christian!)

Now that the holiday is over, its back to a strict PPK diet for the rest of the way save for two birthday dinners for Heather Barker and my mom. I expect to finish July 5 or 6th at this rate, so please continue following me to see what happens at the end of this!