Day 13 of my 30 Days of PPK: How will crawfish, chinese food and birthday cake affect my diet?

Lunch: Peli Peli Wings covered in our "Blitz" peri peri (the hottest one!) $12.

Dinner: Curry chicken on cauliflower rice. $12.

While it's going to be a challenge to lose weight while eating 30 days of PPK, it is even more difficult when life happens and you eat other foods such as crawfish, birthday cake, chinese food and more crawfish!

Luckily since I had lost about 5 pounds from eating 10+ days of PPK already, the additional foods didn't throw me off of my diet completely. Day 13 was a return to form, and with the exception of dry pho ga with my mom for her birthday, it will be pretty much non-stop PPK from here on out.

My goal is still 165, so 5 more pounds to go before July 6!

The past few days included a visit to KHOU studios to shoot a segment with Cristina Terrill Kooker and Ralph Garcia for their Local Lens Houston Youtube show and a lunch visit from halal blogger Zain's Halal Reviews.

If you ever want to grab a bite with me at Peli Peli Kitchen during the rest of my 30 days, shoot me a message!