Day 14 of my 30 Day Challenge: prepping for a TV appearance on Houston Life!

Its game time! KPRC show Houston Life just confirmed my appearance on June 27th! Even though that day will be the 21st day of my 30 day challenge, I am hoping to reach 10 pounds lost by then.

This morning I was at 168.3, so if I continue to eat PPK I should be good!

Lunch: Boneless peri peri chicken on cauliflower rice and mushrooms. $12

Dinner: Beef fajita plate with cauliflower rice and mac n' cheese. $13

For lunch, I got to spend some time with my father and his two best friends who are essentially my uncles since I've known them since I was a child. Such a cool experience to see how they still interact and have so much love for each other after all these years.

Since I have my Houston Life segment next Thursday, I gotta keep it clean and keep to lower carb meals at least until this weekend. For dinner, I enjoyed a beef fajita plate with cauliflower rice and some mac n' cheese. Yes I realize the mac n' cheese has carbs, but you still gotta enjoy the experience or it won't be sustainable. The bonus part is the wifey trying to get on the program too! She started with cucumber salad and a side of mushrooms. Likely the healthiest but flavorful dish we have! Keep it up Kristine Truong!