Can I eat at Peli Peli Kitchen for 30 days straight AND lose weight?

“Your food tastes great but there is no way it is healthy.”

I heard that from a customer back in February, and it really got on my nerves. After all, for more than a year, I’d eat at Peli Peli Kitchen every Monday - Wednesday to get my weight down after junk food bingeing every weekend. I was actually eating PPK foods to manage my weight every week! In addition, my physical results in January 2019 were stellar with great scores for my cholesterol and A1C (sugar).

What could I do to change the public perception that Peli Peli Kitchen’s food was unhealthy?

While no test is flawless, I figure if I eat nothing else but lunch and dinner at Peli Peli Kitchen for 30 days, it would at least show that it is entirely possible that you could eat at PPK and potentially lose weight while feeling better health-wise. All while actually enjoying the food!

While I think I know what will happen to me, I won’t really know until I go through with it. Some of my friends are laughing at me and expecting that I’ll gain a ton of weight.

Will I lose or gain weight? Will it affect my muscle mass?

There’s only one way to do this so lets have some fun right?

I want to show the public, at least through my own body, that eating at Peli Peli Kitchen can fit into a healthy lifestyle. Follow me on my journey and see what happens!