Day 10 of my 30 Days of PPK!

For lunch, I ordered online at www.pelipelikitchen/orderonline and picked up my food within 15 minutes. Our order online feature is relatively new and really user-friendly. Really proud of our tech team for setting this feature up. Perfect for ordering dinner online and picking it up on the way home, or when you just need a quick lunch at your desk. No waiting! Check out the screenshots of my online ordering process to see how easy it was!

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Day 4 of my 30 days of PPK!

Day 4 was all good!

Lunch: Fried tofu on veggie noodles topped with curry sauce. $12

Dinner: Great Karoo Lamb Chops with sauteed spinach. $40

Decided to mix in one of our more popular vegetarian dishes for lunch! Obviously the fried tofu has some carbs but overall left me full but feeling light. The curry sauce packs a ton of flavor so eating vegetarian (which I normally dont do) was quite enjoyable.

For dinner, I met up a friend for dinner and splurged a bit with food from our fine dining concept Peli Peli Galleria!

Ive eaten our lamb chops probably once a week for 10 years now so it was definitely a treat during my 30 days!

Stay tuned for my first week recap!
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Day 3 of my 30 days of PPK!

Lunch: Peri Peri boneless thigh with coconut rice and sauteed mushrooms. $12

Dinner: Curry chicken topped with mango chutney served with cauliflower rice and veggie noodles. $12

The weight has started to come off and I haven't been hungry although I still want to go beastmode on my snacks after 9pm haha.

Keep in mind I do intermittent fasting, so only a double shot of espresso in the morning, at least 16oz of water and just a full lunch and dinner.

Day 2 of my 30 Days of PPK Challenge!

Day 2 of my 30 Days of PPK went well!

Lunch: Portuguese beef fajita plate on a bed of cauliflower rice with a side of collard greens. $13

Dinner: Portuguese shrimp plate on a bed of cauliflower rice minus the side dish. $15

Focusing on lower carb meals this first week to get a jumpstart on the weight loss before I cheat a bit this weekend :)

A few people have asked how many calories are in the sauces since I am definitely not skimping on the sauces for each dish and eating them as is. That’s the whole point though! You should be able to eat right and actually enjoy it or it won’t be sustainable. If it’s not sustainable, then it’ll be hard to actually incorporate it into your lifestyle for a long period of time.

Day 1 of my 30 Days of PPK Challenge

Day 1 of my 30 Days of PPK challenge complete!

Lunch: Peri Peri Cornish Hen with veggie noodles. $15

Dinner: Chicken fajita plate with cauliflower rice and collard greens. $12

Calories: dont care :)
Flavor: tons

For anyone interested in following my 30 Days, my daily routine is made up of:

  1. A double shot of espresso after I wake up

  2. Followed by 16oz. of water

  3. My first meal (lunch) will be at 12pm with my last meal (dinner) no later than 9pm.

  4. If you haven’t realized by now, I do intermittent fasting which basically means I only eat between 12pm and 9pm, and eat two meals a day with some snacks sprinkled in from time to time.
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What's Peli Peli Kitchen?

For those who haven’t been, Peli Peli Kitchen is the fast casual version of our popular fine dining concept: Peli Peli!

Originally created with Chef Paul Friedman, Peli Peli Kitchen aka “PPK” has been featured on the Food Network and CNBC’s Restaurant Startup and was Eater Houston’s Fast Casual Concept of 2017. Under new chef Ryan “Chef Rhyno” Stewart, the menu highlights authentic peri peri chicken made famous by Nando’s Peri Peri along with comfort foods such as burgers, wings and tacos. Our peri peri sauces: The Blitz, Peri Peri, Green Mamba, BBQ and Lemon Butter, bring additional flavor to every dish.

I like to think Peli Peli Kitchen is the People’s restaurant because our menu is made up of so many different cultures and influences from around the world. To me, it’s this diversity that makes South Africa so amazing and unique - just like Houston!

Our inspiration wall at PPK!